Dispute and expert witness work

Dispute management and matter resolution. We act for Employers, Contractors, funders and specialist Sub-Contractors representing either claimant/ respondent or plaintiff/ defendant.

Prompt and focused advice

Our knowledge and experience is brought to bear driving for a cost effective and prompt resolution where allowable.

Contract law

We have a sound knowledge of Contract Law and its implications on the admissibility of the various Heads of Claims.

Defending claims

We are equipped to handle all heads of claim in both liability and quantum.

Heads of claim

Heads dealt with extension of time, disruption, acceleration cost, variation account, finance charge, interest, increased costs, overhead recovery, loss of profit, lost opportunity.

Claim management

Preparing, defending or settling a claim you will not be subject to false expectations. We represent you and strive to achieve a fair and equitable settlement in the shortest time scale possible.

Detailed cost evidence

Establishing the cost effect of contractual claims, detailed evidence to support the amounts claimed.

Contemporaneous records

Moor Consult’s quantum services include the detailed review and analysis of all available contemporaneous cost data and the presentation of such data in an auditable and logical manner.

Risk review and analysis

Risk review and analysis to afford you the opportunity of achieving your commercial objectives; this can be done in conjunction with your legal advisors to ensure a fuller understanding of the complexity of the issue(s).