We will complete a thorough review of all your surveys, contract documentation and where necessary further site investigation to enable us to understand the scale and scope of your defective work.


We will take your existing information and augment where necessary produce a new specification and delivery plan. This will be fully compliant and provide the rectification proposal for your defective works and to demonstrate the non-compliant elements to the original delivery team.


We commence the process of engaging those who have let you down early in the plan. The effort in the Review and Develop stage assists in establishing culpability and to provide an opportunity for the original team to put right their own works at their own cost.


We will smartly procure and organise a new delivery team to complete the remedial works ensuring, triple layer sign off, information collection and storage, compliance and built-in quality through proven construction management experts. We will create highly communicative links throughout the whole team, especially for you and your residents.

Legal Recourse

While we deliver the works, we will create electronic documentation (Golden Thread) which will be a permanent record of the methodology and workmanship. It will also be the vehicle for legally challenging and pursuing the original team.


If necessary, we will formalise a dispute resolution process with the original team which may result in legal action. However, our preferred route is a compelling evidence-based solution and a good commercial settlement which provides certainty and minimises cost.