Programme review and audit

Planning and programming which is a fundamental together with challenging works activities in the management and execution of projects.

Stake holder involvement

In the development of a typical project this will only be attainable if it involves the input and buy-in of all the major stakeholders and suppliers at each stage of the development and construction process.

Varied range of services provided

We offer a varied range of programme services, including establishing project controls and sound programme management support services which are aimed at reducing the time-related risks and uncertainties inherent in construction projects. Our early involvement is advised.

Contract experience

Baseline schedule development and review (JCT, NEC and contract compliance).

Programme analysis

Schedule of CPA, risk identification, constructability analysis and mitigation.

All disciplines considered

Design, Procurement and Construction Scheduling, Building Commissioning Scheduling.

Programme monitoring and management

Progress monitoring and programme logic development, process mapping, planning Team management and training.

Phasing plans

Construction and Logistics Phasing Plan.

Record keeping and advice

Good record keeping on any construction contract is vital. This will involve accurate recording of the start and finish dates of construction activities and records of the transmission of all documents which could have the opportunity of having an impact on a timely completion of the project.